My iPhone shows “no service” – Here’s a fix for this issue!

Are you experiencing an issue on your iPhone where it says “No Service” on the top left even after you have inserted the SIM properly? Well! that means you are in trouble and in this guide we will help you go through the process of understanding what might be causing this “No service” issue on the iPhone and how you can fix it.

What’s causing my iPhone to say: “No service”?

There are many reasons as to why your iPhone might be showing this so we will walk through a couple of steps to help you diagnose the issue. Please make sure to backup your phone data through iTunes or iCloud before you proceed with trying any of the solutions below!

1. Check with your Carrier

Most of the times its just an issue where the carrier has disabled your SIM from the backend and you just don’t know it and that’s causing the iPhone to show “No service” even though the SIM has been inserted properly. There could be many reasons why your account might have been disabled e.g. over-billing, late payment, compliance failure etc.

Its better to call and check with your carrier right away just to make sure that your account is fully functional and working properly.

2. Take out and re-insert the SIM


The iPhone 5 and above run on a special kind of SIM which is known as a nano SIM and sometimes its not inserted corrected into the SIM tray which causes it to show the “No service” issue.

Well – you can try to simply take out the SIM from the SIM tray and then clean it with a piece of cloth and re-insert it. In some cases it is also recommended that you take out the SIM, restart the iPhone and then re-insert it.

Give it a try and see if that fixes your issue or not.

3. Check Cellular Settings on your iPhone

First, go to the Settings app and go to the Carrier section and disable “Automatic” mode and then manually choose the Carrier and see if this fixes your issue.

Otherwise, go to the Cellular section in the Settings app and try to go to Settings > Cellular, and try to toggle Cellular Data on and off to see if that fixes the issue.

4. Reset the Networking Settings

While this one is not recommended, you could try setting the networking settings to factory default by going to Settings > General > Reset. This will reset everything and be warned as this will also forget all Wi-Fi passwords but this will also most likely fix any Wi-Fi or Cellular issues. This will not erase any content from your iPhone so you don’t need to worry about that!

Those are some of the tricks to help you fix this issue – let us know in the comments if they were of help to you.

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