Quickly disable “Press Home to Unlock” iPhone Feature on iOS 10

One of the new features of the new iOS 10 is that it now requires you to press home to unlock the phone, moving away from the direct press on fingerprint to unlock. This can be an annoying experience especially if you have to do it again and again and therefore we have a surprise for the users which will allow them to disable them on the fly!

Use fingerprint to unlock

Previously, all you had to do was lay any of your fingertips registered with Touch ID to unlock the device. Placing your fingertip on the Touch ID sensor was enough to unlock the device, no press of the Home button needed.

The new method of pressing home to unlock is kind of annoying for most of us since it asks us to do the same thing, twice. So lets just get rid of it!

1) Launch the Settings app.

2) Go to General > Accessibility > Home Button.

3) Turn on the Rest Finger to Open toggle.

Going forward, you won’t have to press the Home button anymore in order to unlock your device. All you will have to do is to make sure the Lock screen is awake, then rest your finger on the Touch ID sensor (no need to press).

To revert back, simply follow these instructions again and turn off the toggle.

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