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Free your iPhone space without deleting any app.

Running out pf storage space? These are some of the best tips and tricks to secure the desired space in your iPhone without forcefully deleting your apps, pictures or videos.

Here are some valuable tricks to get desired space in your iPhone.

  1. Stop storing text messages.

If you are not deleting your stored messages then you are in a jam pack situation. iPhone has built in feature to store text messages that you send or receive. You need to stop your phone from storing text messages and give you some free space to add your favorite apps. Go to Settings and tap Messages. Scroll down and you will see Message History, tap on it and you will see Keep Messages. Change the Forever option to 30 days or 1 year.  A popup message will appear “You want to Delete older messages”. Delete to proceed further.

  1. Don’t double save photos.

If you use HDR and Instagram a lot; probably you have noticed that the photos are saved twice in your phone gallery. One in HDR mode and other normal version. To avoid this go to Settings and open Photos & Camera. Scroll down and you can un-toggle keep the normal photos, if you want to save HDR photos.

If you don’t want to double save Instagram photos, open Instagram app, tap your profile and then tap Settings (upper right corner). In Settings un-toggle the Save Original Photos.

  1. Check the Photo Stream

Photo stream in your phone takes up space but not as much as original photos. These are just duplicates of photos saved in your device. Photo streams are uploaded in Device Optimized Resolution. To turn this space occupying feature off go to Settings and then tap Photos & Camera and un-toggle Upload to my Photo Stream option.

  1. Clear browser cache.

This hack is most important for Safari users. Safari stores the web data and browsing history in your phone. To get rid of this go to Settings and tap on Safari. Now scroll down and click Clear History and Data.

  1. Delete downloaded music.

It’s time for you to part with your music, if you need some free space in your iPhone. Its soundcloud age where you get all kind of music online.  To delete music go to Settings then General tap Storage & iCloud Usage tap Manage Storage and find music in the list. It’s your choice either you want to delete songs one by one or all at one time.

  1. Delete Downloaded Podcast.

Similar to music, you might have downloaded number of podcasts for your iPhone. if you use the stock podcast app then it’s easy to delete the download. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and tap Podcasts. There is no way you can delete all downloads at one time so you have to delete them one by one.

  1. Delete reading list.

Offline reading list in Safari takes up some space. These webpages are saved in your device for future reading. To clear the list go to General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Under Storage, tap Manage Storage > Safari. Swipe left over the words Offline Reading List and tap Delete to clear the cache. If you want to keep some of your important reading list then pen the Safari app, go to your Reading List and swipe left over items you want to delete.

Man Built iPhone for just $300

Scotty Allen, creator of Youtube channel, Strange Parts, professional hacker and programmer taken the challenge to develop its own iPhone. Allen worked in Google for 3 years. He lives part time in Shenzhen, China, city of muddled gadget market.  He spent weeks trudging in markets of Shenzhen and brought parts of iPhone in urge of building his own iPhone.

When Apple launched iPhone 6s, IHS predicted that total cost was roughly 236$ in parts. iPhone 6s launching price was $650 more than double of its parts price.

Allen’s venture started when someone told him that it’s easy to build your own phone. He took this as a challenge and started looking for parts in the market. He roughly estimated $1000 for total product but $300 was the final product cost.

Allen’s DYI project contains building of iPhone from scratch. The video contains some trickier content in assembling the parts. Video starts with basics, like purchasing parts, finding special laser machine and other useful machinery used in building of iPhone 6s.

Here is a video of Allen assembling all the parts of iPhone 6s.

iPhone 8 to collect data then any other phone.

iPhone 8 to include some cool features like augmented reality, face recognition unlock is capturing everyone’s intention but these are just scratching reality. We still have no idea what core features IOS 11 will possess. Apple acquired popular iPhone app Workflow last week. The app, Workflow let users to automate their actions on iPhone. This clearly pictures that Apple is interested in embedding automation features right inside their OS 11. Apple has been already considering to add such features in their devices, iPhone 8 could be one such device with extraordinary features.

Apple has been studying to automate its OS since 2014, reveals a patent study. This week Apple was awarded with a patent number that describes Methods and systems for managing and automating user customization of a device based on observed user behavior.

Apple is keenly looking forward to embed such features that automatically analyze the user behavior with the help of various sensors. These sensors will then suggest the automated actions based on observed users day to day actions.

This automation will help both user and the company to ensure that the device works efficiently. It will be easy for the device to perform regular based actions then user.

“[People] wake up and go to sleep around a regular time. People go to work at a specific location during a specific time frame, as well as perform some other predictable routine activities such as watching a television show during a particular time slot in the week,” Apple says.

“There can be changes in life, so that a person might change to a different routine. But usually a person follows some constant routine for a period of time. After that period of time, which can be a number of days or perhaps even a number of years, the person might adapt a new routine and then follow that routine for a new period of time.”

The idea is that phone will observe the various actions performed by the user on regular basis and then collect the data for certain period of time. It then allow the user to activate various automated actions.

These automated features can also be moved to other Apple devices via simple iCloud synchronization.  Automated software will tell the user to apart and load the appropriate automation features. Currently iPhone has automation features like Do not disturb and night mode, but these are not considered to be smart and are regular part of the app setting.

At this point nothing is confirmed that either Apple will include automation features in its OS 11 or not.

Cruel death of iPhone 5

It’s sad to share that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are placed on chopping board for future updates by Apple. If you still have your old iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C and did not plan to change it yet then sit in content, because Apple has just announced its new software updates for iPhone 5s onwards.

Death of iPhone 5

Earlier this week Apple released two updates of iOS, iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.3.2, with all new updates for their devices and software’s. The beta version of iOS 10.3.2 restore all the image for 64-bit devices but not of 32-bit devices which includes iPhone5 and iPhone5c and 4 generation iPads. This comes out to be a surprise for those users who still own older iPhone as they will not be able to see future updates of the device.

Interestingly, Apple to cut out its one product in mid-cycle and move to 64-bit devices. The reason some analysts think is that Apple wants its iPhone 7 to sell more until they announce new iPhone 8. Apple already warned its iPhone 5 users that with the release of iOS 10, negative impact may occur on systems performance. Moreover, users who try to update their iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c will come across a message “This app will not work with future versions of iOS which is a clear sign that legacy apps are now obsolete.

Intentions of Apple to cut off the support of 32-bit devices with iOS 10.3.2 are still unknown, might be some hardware limitations, or maybe they want to cast out the device in digital darkness. Firmware is still in beta testing, Apple can think of building support to 32 bit devices in later stages.

Apple is going to announce its cut off with 32-bit devices in worldwide developer’s conference on June 5, and will reveal the details of iOS 11

Check iPhone battery percentage from Mac

Just one option + click trick you can help you check iPhone battery from your Mac even if the phone is not in the same room. Interesting, isn’t it!

iPhone and Mac has some amazing features waiting to be discovered. Apple only highlights the key features upon the release of new software, without touching the tiny things. One such tiny feature that Apple definitely didn’t talked about is that you can check the battery percentage of your iPhone directly from your MacOS.

With the help of little clean trick you can check the battery life of your phone without installing third party app/software and neither your phone needs to be connected to your computer. All you need is hold Option + Click from WiFi menu.

On your MacOS when you click on WiFi icon in the menu bar, you either turn on or off the WiFi, supports personal hotspot from your iPhone or any other cellular device, see all WiFi networks and access for more network preferences.

Once you click on more network preferences, you will see some more detailed information like IP addresses and other internet data. Under the option of personal Hotspot, you will be able to see your iPhone connection along with the battery indicator displaying rough estimation of life left in your iPhone. This option is available under WiFi icon for many years.

Wi-Fi menu with and without Option + Click

However, if you want to check the exact battery life of your iPhone you need to dig further. Now hover over your iPhone in a menu bar, a sub menu will appear. The sub menu shows the device unique identifier and exact battery percentage of your iPhone.

Seeing your iPhone's battery percentage by holding down Option while clicking the Wi-Fi icon, and then hovering over your iPhone in the Personal Hotspot section

The reason why Mac tells the exact life of battery is to keep you informed about when your hotspot source is dying. Another reason is to keep you up to date about battery life is either your phone still require charging or is fully charged.

There are several apps for keeping informed about the battery status of your iPhone using Apple Watch, MacOS and iPads.

There are some downsides of using this feature. You need to keep your WiFi and Bluetooth turned on all the time. If you are convenient in switching it on all the time then this feature will go along.

Bezel less iPhone 8 proves to be a challenge for Apple

Apple is introducing number of new innovative technologies this year, from wireless charging to 3-D OLED display, powerful battery, water resistance and so on. Although some of the features are not officially documented but are expected to be part of Apple’s upcoming flagship phone. Beside of these cool innovative features; Apple is trying to integrate the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor into its iPhone 8 display, which apparently causes trouble to the company.

About the bezel-less iPhone 8

The reason of this bottleneck situation is bezel less iPhone 8. The handset’s front is fully a glass screen, sensor Touch ID is being re-engineering. Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company supply chain analyst cited the issues in integrating Touch ID Sensor in upcoming iPhone8. He claims that, Touch Sensor’s would be integrated in iPhone8 screen are low and Apple may consider less futuristic designs for its upcoming iPhone, if issue is not resolved.

If Apple is unable to resolve this issue they might have to go through few major changes in their design. According to Timothy Arcuri, first option could be to ditch the Touch ID Sensor and embed the old face recognition technology. Second option is to move the Touch ID sensor at the back of iPhone, which is highly not recommended as it is not at all user friendly, says Timothy Arcuri. Third option is to delay the production of iPhone8 which may cause huge loss to the company.

Apple is trying to bring best to the market and working hard to bring out the most elegant solution. Still it is unclear that either the company will be able to resolve the issue or not. Timothy Arcuri reports that the design has not been finalized yet and has not been yet entered in the production phase. This is the reason we are seeing the case leaks and retinue representations spread all across the web.

Custom Battery Power Management chip for iPhone

Apple is predicted to have developed its own power management chip by 2019. It has already been designing mobile chips for IOS since 2010. Apple may drop its long time supplier Dialog Semiconductor (16 year old) and start making its own custom made Silicon Chips.

This report was compiled by analyst Karsten Iltegn along with German investment bank Bankhaus Lampe. The report reveals strong evidences of Apple developing its own Power Management Chip and replace the old chip made by Dialog. According to the report Apple has already set up its design centers in Munich and California. Dialog single chip reduced the power consumption up to thirty percent.

“We hear from the industry that about 80 engineers at Apple are already working on a power-management integrated circuit with specific plans to employ it in the iPhone by as early as 2019,” reads the Karsten note.

Role of Power Management Chip is to manage voltage and charging across all the components. With long battery time Apple plans to invest more and replace the components with custom made designs. From iPhone 7 onwards, Apple started using two accelerometers, which help in improving power management. Earlier after the release of iPhone6s, Apple decided to use less chips on logic board to further cut down overall power consumption.

If Apple no longer need its component supplier, Dialog’s shares in trading world drop by 20%. Some analyst predicts that Apple is unlikely to cut off fully its relationship with its component makers. 80 engineers from Apple are still working on developing their own power management integrated circuit.

Apple has announced that its first ever wireless charging will arrive later in 2017, however, the company is also looking for house crafted inductive charger rather than completely relying on wireless technology.

Alloc8: iPhone new Bootrom released

The release of Alloc8 Bootrom has bought more freedom to the iPhone 3GS users than ever before.  This feature has handed the users complete control over the device. It was released quite late as by the time it was released, iPhone 3GS has become history and very few were actively using it. It has not been released publically except Limera1a, which only give supports up to iPhone 4. The late release shows that Apple`s legendary iPhone3GS hardware is capable of jailbreak in an untethered way.

The original version of iPhone 3GS had a vulnerability in its Bootrom. This vulnerability was browbeaten by 24Kpwn because of its low level nature. Alloc8 is released by developer axi0mx via GitHub project and all necessary information and links are mentioned on GitHub website. The developer says, “It’s not a typical heap bug, bug in implementation of heap itself”.

Alloc8 will now give complete power to user for upgrading, downgrading, untethered jail breaking and installing of custom firmware. The great part of this new release is that no software or firmware update is needed to patch it with the Bootrom, only an update is required. This seems incredibly valuable for developers and Apple itself. Initially 24Kpwn was worry for Apple as they released a refresh of iPhone3GS in the mid of their release cycle with new Bootrom.

Alloc8 works on both old and new Bootrom. It exploits the powerful vulnerability in Malloc function implemented in Bootrom. Alloc8 is implemented in IPWNEDFU jail break tool. This tool works on command line only. Apple has rare hardware level exploits and most of the exploits are based on the userland exploits. Apple will face difficulty in patching Alloc8 IPWNEDUF, because they are hardware level patches. They can only be implemented if Apple changes the hardware.

Still this announcement cheers up all the Apple lovers and especially those who are still using iPhone3GS. This late update may not be of worth in this modern smart phone world but still can’t be ignored as it is made on Bootrom (Hardware) level.

iPhone hacks that work with every iPhone

Do you know how powerful your iPhone is? How the handy hacks will make the iPhone cooler. These hacks are not about customizing the fancy background or playing games on your expensive phone. These are about making your iPhone a powerful device that you ever dreamed of.

These powerful iPhone hacks will make your phone handy and fun to use.

iPhone hacks that work with every iPhone

  1. Phone or a Etch-a-sketch

Love playing Etch-a-sketch, now you can play all the time on your IPhone. How amazing is this! Type a mistake and shake your phone, shaking will erase the mistake and let you start again. Fat figure peeps will love this secret.


  1. Browse at night with invert display colors

Don’t want to disturb your spouse or kids at night while browsing on phone? iPhone has best solution for you, just invert the IPhone display colors. It’s easier to the eyes and you can surf without disturbing others.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Turn off auto focus.

If the nagging little feature of auto focus gets in your way you can always turn it off. If you are a photographer you can always customize the settings. Go to camera and press hold it till you see “AE/AF lock”.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Swipe to see time stamp.

You want to know at what time you sent and received the text? It’s now an easy task. Just swipe left on the text screen and you will be able to see the time.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Inform Siri about your relationships.

Want to call your “Mom”, “Son” or “Husband”? Tell Siri to do it with one easy hack. Match the right contact and Siri will call that person straight away.

Ask Siri to call your “Mom” and Siri will respond who your mother is. Next time Siri will reach your mother straight away.

  1. Access numerical keypad super quickly.

secret iPhone hacksIf you are tired of using numerical keypad to type numbers, then this hack has solution to your problem. Just press 123 button and slide to the number you want to enter. IPhone will revert back to original keypad.

  1. Use Siri to check Twitter.

Ask Siri what “BBC” is saying and you will see all the recent posts. No need to open the twitter and check who is online.

  1. Finish URL without typing it.

Just press “.” the key will reveal suffixes like “.com”, “.net” etc

secret iPhone hacks

IPhone 8 : New “Wireless” features expected to introduce to support VR/AR.

Long rumored news about the addition of smart connectivity of wireless charging in iPhone 8 has reportedly become a reality. This claim has been made by Israeli site The Verifier. The smart connector will also assist the exclusive synced features of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). So far Apple hasn’t played any significant part in VR/AR but still the company is enthusiastic about Augmented Reality, claiming that the technology will be as impactful as the smart phone.

This isn’t the first time Apple has introduced the smart connectors, currently IPad Pro Model supports the smart connector. It has a port designed to provide data connection and power to all the accessories. Back in 2015, magnetic smart connector was introduced to IPad Pro but it is not known how much data has actually passed through the port. Apple has recently joined Wireless Power Consortium, consisting of 214 companies to promote g wireless connectivity under “Qi” standard.

Prior to the release of IPhone 7 plus an apparent image of its features was cropped and it showed the presence of smart connector placed at the back of the phone. Despite the amazing design and dual camera, smart connector remained working only with iPad connection.

As some say the magnetic strength on smart connector is not ideal, but it’s worth stating that Apple used lighting mode effectively to connect AR/VR accessories to IPhone. Apple hardware TV and AIR Play will also play vital role in AR/VR technology in IPhone 8.

After reading the “THE VERIFY” report, it’s safe to bet that IPhone will add the wireless charging feature to its new phone. Indeed, a number of reliable sources have validated this rumor over the past few months. In addition to this new feature IPhone will also feature edge-to-edge OLED display, waterproof features and duel camera on back. It is expected that new IPhone 8 may resemble Samsung Galaxy S8 as it does not feature home button.