Bezel less iPhone 8 proves to be a challenge for Apple

Apple is introducing number of new innovative technologies this year, from wireless charging to 3-D OLED display, powerful battery, water resistance and so on. Although some of the features are not officially documented but are expected to be part of Apple’s upcoming flagship phone. Beside of these cool innovative features; Apple is trying to integrate the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor into its iPhone 8 display, which apparently causes trouble to the company.

About the bezel-less iPhone 8

The reason of this bottleneck situation is bezel less iPhone 8. The handset’s front is fully a glass screen, sensor Touch ID is being re-engineering. Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company supply chain analyst cited the issues in integrating Touch ID Sensor in upcoming iPhone8. He claims that, Touch Sensor’s would be integrated in iPhone8 screen are low and Apple may consider less futuristic designs for its upcoming iPhone, if issue is not resolved.

If Apple is unable to resolve this issue they might have to go through few major changes in their design. According to Timothy Arcuri, first option could be to ditch the Touch ID Sensor and embed the old face recognition technology. Second option is to move the Touch ID sensor at the back of iPhone, which is highly not recommended as it is not at all user friendly, says Timothy Arcuri. Third option is to delay the production of iPhone8 which may cause huge loss to the company.

Apple is trying to bring best to the market and working hard to bring out the most elegant solution. Still it is unclear that either the company will be able to resolve the issue or not. Timothy Arcuri reports that the design has not been finalized yet and has not been yet entered in the production phase. This is the reason we are seeing the case leaks and retinue representations spread all across the web.

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