Custom Battery Power Management chip for iPhone

Apple is predicted to have developed its own power management chip by 2019. It has already been designing mobile chips for IOS since 2010. Apple may drop its long time supplier Dialog Semiconductor (16 year old) and start making its own custom made Silicon Chips.

This report was compiled by analyst Karsten Iltegn along with German investment bank Bankhaus Lampe. The report reveals strong evidences of Apple developing its own Power Management Chip and replace the old chip made by Dialog. According to the report Apple has already set up its design centers in Munich and California. Dialog single chip reduced the power consumption up to thirty percent.

“We hear from the industry that about 80 engineers at Apple are already working on a power-management integrated circuit with specific plans to employ it in the iPhone by as early as 2019,” reads the Karsten note.

Role of Power Management Chip is to manage voltage and charging across all the components. With long battery time Apple plans to invest more and replace the components with custom made designs. From iPhone 7 onwards, Apple started using two accelerometers, which help in improving power management. Earlier after the release of iPhone6s, Apple decided to use less chips on logic board to further cut down overall power consumption.

If Apple no longer need its component supplier, Dialog’s shares in trading world drop by 20%. Some analyst predicts that Apple is unlikely to cut off fully its relationship with its component makers. 80 engineers from Apple are still working on developing their own power management integrated circuit.

Apple has announced that its first ever wireless charging will arrive later in 2017, however, the company is also looking for house crafted inductive charger rather than completely relying on wireless technology.

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