Cruel death of iPhone 5

It’s sad to share that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are placed on chopping board for future updates by Apple. If you still have your old iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C and did not plan to change it yet then sit in content, because Apple has just announced its new software updates for iPhone 5s onwards.

Death of iPhone 5

Earlier this week Apple released two updates of iOS, iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.3.2, with all new updates for their devices and software’s. The beta version of iOS 10.3.2 restore all the image for 64-bit devices but not of 32-bit devices which includes iPhone5 and iPhone5c and 4 generation iPads. This comes out to be a surprise for those users who still own older iPhone as they will not be able to see future updates of the device.

Interestingly, Apple to cut out its one product in mid-cycle and move to 64-bit devices. The reason some analysts think is that Apple wants its iPhone 7 to sell more until they announce new iPhone 8. Apple already warned its iPhone 5 users that with the release of iOS 10, negative impact may occur on systems performance. Moreover, users who try to update their iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c will come across a message “This app will not work with future versions of iOS which is a clear sign that legacy apps are now obsolete.

Intentions of Apple to cut off the support of 32-bit devices with iOS 10.3.2 are still unknown, might be some hardware limitations, or maybe they want to cast out the device in digital darkness. Firmware is still in beta testing, Apple can think of building support to 32 bit devices in later stages.

Apple is going to announce its cut off with 32-bit devices in worldwide developer’s conference on June 5, and will reveal the details of iOS 11

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