Free iPhone space without deleting any app

Running out of storage space? Free iPhone space with some of the best tips and tricks without forcefully deleting your apps, pictures or videos.

Here are some valuable tricks to get desired space in your iPhone.

  1. Stop storing text messages.

If you are not deleting your stored messages then you are in a jam pack situation. iPhone has built in feature to store text messages that you send or receive. You need to stop your phone from storing text messages and give you some free space to add your favorite apps. Go to Settings and tap Messages. Scroll down and you will see Message History, tap on it and you will see Keep Messages. Change the Forever option to 30 days or 1 year.  A popup message will appear “You want to Delete older messages”. Delete to proceed further.

  1. Don’t double save photos.

If you use HDR and Instagram a lot; probably you have noticed that the photos are saved twice in your phone gallery. One in HDR mode and other normal version. To avoid this go to Settings and open Photos & Camera. Scroll down and you can un-toggle keep the normal photos, if you want to save HDR photos.

If you don’t want to double save Instagram photos, open Instagram app, tap your profile and then tap Settings (upper right corner). In Settings un-toggle the Save Original Photos.

  1. Check the Photo Stream

Photo stream in your phone takes up space but not as much as original photos. These are just duplicates of photos saved in your device. Photo streams are uploaded in Device Optimized Resolution. To turn this space occupying feature off go to Settings and then tap Photos & Camera and un-toggle Upload to my Photo Stream option.

  1. Clear browser cache.

This hack is most important for Safari users. Safari stores the web data and browsing history in your phone. To get rid of this go to Settings and tap on Safari. Now scroll down and click Clear History and Data.

  1. Delete downloaded music.

It’s time for you to part with your music, if you need some free space in your iPhone. Its soundcloud age where you get all kind of music online.  To delete music go to Settings then General tap Storage & iCloud Usage tap Manage Storage and find music in the list. It’s your choice either you want to delete songs one by one or all at one time.

  1. Delete Downloaded Podcast.

Similar to music, you might have downloaded number of podcasts for your iPhone. if you use the stock podcast app then it’s easy to delete the download. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and tap Podcasts. There is no way you can delete all downloads at one time so you have to delete them one by one.

  1. Delete reading list.

Offline reading list in Safari takes up some space. These webpages are saved in your device for future reading. To clear the list go to General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Under Storage, tap Manage Storage > Safari. Swipe left over the words Offline Reading List and tap Delete to clear the cache. If you want to keep some of your important reading list then pen the Safari app, go to your Reading List and swipe left over items you want to delete.

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