iPhone 8 to collect data then any other phone.

iPhone 8 to include some cool features like augmented reality, face recognition unlock is capturing everyone’s intention but these are just scratching reality. We still have no idea what core features IOS 11 will possess. Apple acquired popular iPhone app Workflow last week. The app, Workflow let users to automate their actions on iPhone. This clearly pictures that Apple is interested in embedding automation features right inside their OS 11. Apple has been already considering to add such features in their devices, iPhone 8 could be one such device with extraordinary features.

Apple has been studying to automate its OS since 2014, reveals a patent study. This week Apple was awarded with a patent number that describes Methods and systems for managing and automating user customization of a device based on observed user behavior.

Apple is keenly looking forward to embed such features that automatically analyze the user behavior with the help of various sensors. These sensors will then suggest the automated actions based on observed users day to day actions.

This automation will help both user and the company to ensure that the device works efficiently. It will be easy for the device to perform regular based actions then user.

“[People] wake up and go to sleep around a regular time. People go to work at a specific location during a specific time frame, as well as perform some other predictable routine activities such as watching a television show during a particular time slot in the week,” Apple says.

“There can be changes in life, so that a person might change to a different routine. But usually a person follows some constant routine for a period of time. After that period of time, which can be a number of days or perhaps even a number of years, the person might adapt a new routine and then follow that routine for a new period of time.”

The idea is that phone will observe the various actions performed by the user on regular basis and then collect the data for certain period of time. It then allow the user to activate various automated actions.

These automated features can also be moved to other Apple devices via simple iCloud synchronization.  Automated software will tell the user to apart and load the appropriate automation features. Currently iPhone has automation features like Do not disturb and night mode, but these are not considered to be smart and are regular part of the app setting.

At this point nothing is confirmed that either Apple will include automation features in its OS 11 or not.

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