iPhone 8 Leak reveals bezel-less display

There’s an iPhone 8 leak circling the web and everyone’s talking about it because it looks new and different. It might as well be the real leaked picture of an upcoming iPhone 8.

The leak claims that Apple is working on a bezel less full-screen display for the upcoming iPhone 8 and the news has been verified by an employee working at Foxconn having a bunch of features such as front-facing Touch ID beneath the display, almost bezel less edges, wireless charging, an invisible front facing camera hidden beneath the display and a all new home button.

iPhone 8 leak creates a buzz on the Internet

If rumours are true then this will be something big. However, we have seen Samsung give us a taste of what bezel less display could look like so this new change might not be entirely revolutionary but it will be welcome by the Apple fans.

The leaked iPhone 8 schematics also show it would stick with an aluminium chassis so its still not clear how Apple will manage to integrate wireless charging along with adding Touch ID beneath the screen but it will definitely be an interesting implementation.

In case of Samsung, they changed their design by integrating a fingerprint sensor into the back of the Galaxy S8 which looked odd and bad but we are hopeful Apple will save the day when it comes to design.

Obviously these leaks are just leaks and we don’t know what Apple will add to their final iPhone 8 design but we are hopeful, whatever it is, it will definitely break a few sales records and set a new trend for the market.

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