Pasted app brings vintage style photos to iPhone

90’s folks, do you miss your old vintage photos? If yes then Pasted app has the solution for your “Throwback”. This app is a great collage maker and photo editor focusing on 90’s imagery with the love of The Shins.

The app is developed by Zeke Howard and Ben Fogarty of Spruced LLC. The idea was inspired by James Mercer, Shins frontman.

Mercer in his interview told that he got this idea from a local restaurant in Hawaii where he was spending his vacations with family. He saw a collage of regular pictures on the wall and thought of making a simple collage and photo editing tool. This is how Pasted came into function. Mercer is now 50% partner in The Shins.

This app is simple to use. App accepts the camera roll and user can select as many pictures as he/she wants to. One the pictures are selected, they are then directly uploaded in app. App then crops the pictures into shapes it feels works best. User can adjust the size of image according to his/her choice. They can also zoom in or out the image. User can him/herself crop the photo by just double tapping on it, no scissor or glue is needed.

Once the pictures are adjusted, user can now add stickers, shapes and layouts by accessing the “Paste Pack”. The pack contains geometric shapes, goodies, layouts, 90 vibes and few other things.

User can even change the background of the collage by choosing any color from pack of 8. Once the background is adjusted, user can then swipe right to apply filters on the collage.

Once the user is done he/she can now save the collage in phone gallery or share it on social media. User can also check the collage of other users by accessing the “Get Inspired” section.

The app is simple, menu based and user friendly. Company is looking to market the app and to promote the simplicity of the app.

The app supports iOS 10 and onwards and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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