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Apple iPhone 8 will be the biggest experiment ever

Apple is experimenting number of technologies on new Apple iPhone 8. Many reports are endorsing rumored features of iPhone 8 such as OLED screen and new camera technology.

In recent prototype release of iPhone 8, the screen show is flat but with covering glass curved with steel frame, The Bloomberg. This reverberates many reports, including one from JAPAN.

Earlier descriptions of the same notion is said to have used thin band exposing more curved glass, while another apparently supported dramatic curves. Very much like 2007 iPhone. The later version is the hardware referenced by one of the Korean Reports.

Apple is likely to stick to mild curved screen, as its producers are having trouble is producing steeper curved screen. The company is also testing styled aluminum back and bigger dimension. The company ditched it for iPhone 7.

The Bloomberg also added, it’s still uncertain that Apple will add the smart finger print feature in its upcoming released product. Much like many experts claimed that Apple is still having trouble in embedding this technology.

Significantly, experts are supporting the rumors that Apple is testing the prototype with vertical dual camera, dual lenses front and rear camera. Latter this will be embedded in the final shipped version. Multiple front lenses camera have been used for various features, such as 3-D facial recognition and iris scanning technology. Apple will further experiment with the augmented technology and depth of field improvement.

Due to certain technical issues Apple may its delay, month or two after the release of normal fall window. In the meantime company is offering upgraded 4.7 and 5.5 inches screen, similar to iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. All three upcoming iPhone will be running on IOS 11 and fast nanometer processors, again reverberating earlier claims.

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