iPhone 8 fingerprint

iPhone 8 fingerprint to cause major production trouble

The iPhone 8 fingerprint is reportedly having a trouble its sensor which could ultimately force Apple to use the alternatives and leave the idea behind. Analyst Pacific Crest Securities wrote in a note. According to Crest, Apple is in a hope of embedding finger prints features inside the phone but the component is not working the way Apple wants to.

Apple is under the umbrella of rumors about its upcoming iPhone8. Organization is said to be working on number of new enhanced and modern technologies. Has completely waved off the bezel and introduced edge-to-edge OLED screen like Samsung announced in S8 and S8 plus.

Previously iPhone had a home button right beneath its screen but this time home button is vanished, as whole screen is made up of glass. Several rumors are spreading around that Apple is planning for virtual home button which will reside inside the iOS along with optical finger print sensor. To authenticate mobile payments user must place their finger on mobile screen. The sensor will authenticate the user and allow the transactions to complete.

Same like Apple’s iPhone 8, Samsung was also rumored of considering the same finger touch sensor feature. Just before the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, rumors surfaced, telling that technology was not compatible and wasn’t working properly on the phone. Samsung forcefully used old physical finger print sensors.

Crest further said that, he checked with the supply chain and “Apple’s fingerprint modular” are not ordered yet. This means that company is not yet thinking about the smart finger touch sensor feature.

Crest further added in his report that, Apple could delay its iPhone 8 release over the sensor. Apple will not take a risk over the negative impact of smartphone. Alongside the release of iPhone 8, Apple will also release minor updates over last year models.

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