This is probably the final iPhone 8 design

The much awaited upcoming final iPhone 8 design is a hot topic in tech industry.

Prior to launch of Apple’s iPhone every time, their design and technology leaks. This time Apple has been very careful, as even experts are predicting on the basis of rumors about the technology and design. They are still doubtful that the edge-to-edge OLED LCD display will be curved or flat? Smart TouchID scanner will be placed beneath the screen or Apple will relocate it at the back of the phone like before because of manufacturing issues.

These are the big questions that are still needed to be answered. A new report from China, iPhone manufacturing HUB, has revealed in their report the details of iPhone 8. The reports claims that these are the final looks of iPhone 8. May be a 3D model based schematics what Apple has planned for us later this year.

Earlier this week BGR revealed the schematic look of Apple iPhone 8.  The new schematics are directly from one of the Faxcon’s factory. These schematics are apparently to be use in actual manufacturing that will soon be underway.

If the given 3D models are the actual deals then rendered below will be the authentic picture of iPhone 8.

If above displayed models and schematics are real then Apple will be the first phone with finger print reader on the display.  Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the first phone widely available phone with built-in TouchID. The second prominent notable detail is the absence of curved display. The number of reports from majority media have suggested that the sides of iPhone display would be slightly curved. LG and Samsung have already announced slightly thin bezel and iPhone is expected to do the same. iPhone 8 will mark an impressive leap beyond Apple’s pervious design.

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