Double your iPhone charging by following these simple tricks

If you always seems to be out of your iPhone life, then don’t worry follow these simple yet tricky secrets to boast the battery life of your iPhone.

  1. Turn on Flight mode:

Turn on flight mode while charging your phone and you will experience that the battery bar is creeping up little faster than usual. By switching on this mode, phone will automatically disconnect Wifi and mobile data connectivity.

  1. Turn on low-power mode:

Turn on the low power mode by switching it on. The low power mode will decrease the screen consumption energy drastically.

This mode will automatically switch off all the functionalities running in the back and chewing the power.

  1. Turn off push notification:

Push notifications are small icons on the phone screen, which appear on screen when user receives any message or update. Switching push notification off while phone is on charging, minimizes the power consumption.

  1. Use best charger:

This factor never requires any effort rather than a one powerful charger to juice up your mobile. iPad chargers are way more powerful then iPhone chargers due to high power output. However, some users says that high power chargers may stress the phone battery and harm phone in long run.

With all these tricks, you can super charge your phone faster.


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