iPhone 8: Dummy leaked without touch ID

New news in rumor mill of iPhone 8? Yes! And this time it’s a leaky dummy model of iPhone 8. The known analyst Benjamin Geskin has leaked the dummy of most awaited phone without having most anticipated feature.

The dummy phone has no Touch ID. According to Benjamin, the phone is dummy model of iPhone 8 with 2.5 D glass and steel design. Geskin posted the photos of dummy model and apparently the specifications came from Faxconn, iPhone manufacturer.

The dummy model has no home button on front and back and has edge-to-edge display. These features are in line to what we were listening for many days. The dummy model has polished stainless steel frame, which makes it look like original iPhone 8. Though Apple logo is missing. Dummy model looks so glossy that Geskin calls the color of phone as “Space Black”.

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Gaskin added that the thickness of model is 7.1 mm , approximately the size of iPhone 7. The vertically aligned camera shown in picture is same like it was rumored, but one cannot predict either it’s a 3D camera rendering mix realities or it’s just another rumor. On the sides of phone one can easily spot separate volume buttons and mute switch. The right side of the phone has power button and sim tray. Noticeably power button is little bigger than in previous iPhone models.

Lack of Touch ID shows that company might think of embedding fingerprint scanner right beneath the display. Its’ not clear yet what company decides regarding iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor.

Apple has been revealing three iPhone’s this year, one of them is flagship phone with smart features like OLED display, 3D camera, mix realities etc. rest of two will be marginal up gradation of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.  The third model comprises of stainless steel bezel and curved screen at front and back of phone.

Till now Apple hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors and this means that leaked dummy model is like a pinch of a salt.

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