iPhone 8 will be better than Galaxy S8

With superior design, amazing display and smart features, Samsung Galaxy S8 has gained huge popularity in tech world. Despite of many experiments showing Galaxy S8 is slower that iPhone 7, people are still hailing about its breakthrough barriers.

The question here is will Samsung Galaxy S8 will be able to maintain its glory after the launch of iPhone 8? May be the 10th anniversary phone tip the scales?

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus (so called larger phone) are undoubtedly ruling the smart phone industry now a days. Apple will definitely come up with something more exciting this year, as 2017 is marked as Apple’s 10th anniversary.

Its’ still not known what is cooking up in Apples’ pot.  Apple don’t like to reveal its handsets’ information before time. There are so much leaked information that are roaming around in industry are all through Apples’ suppliers and partners. It will be one of the formidable phone with smart design and bezel less body. Design of upcoming iPhone seems to be as smart as Samsung Galaxy S8.

As far as Apple’s upcoming phone release date is concerned, it will launch in September. Rumors says it will release in October or November. If we believe the rumors then Apple has surely fair amount of time to release smart phone that can beat Galaxy S8.

Although Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is still ruling the industry but here are few points on which its predicted that iPhone 8 could beat Galaxy S8


Galaxy S8 camera is nothing more than what Samsung released last year. Even camera of Apple’s iPhone 7 plus beats Galaxy S8 in dual sensor setup. Which means that iPhone 8 camera will defiantly be the best as compared to Galaxy S8, in terms of photos and videos. iPhone 8 will also provide best optical image stabilization on rear camera and megapixels. Its’ expected to have superior and high quality zoom.

Battery Life:

Battery technology have always been issue with Samsung. This year, Samsung chose not to leave final testing to partners, instead it took new radical approach of testing. This means that Galaxy S8 has lower capacity batteries as expected. The performance of battery is overall superior due to better software management.

Whereas, Apple want to build upon excellent battery performance of iPhone 8. Apple is working on producing exclusive battery that can live beyond 12 hours.

Fingerprint Sensor:

Fingerprint Sensor is one of the dominating feature in Galaxy S8. One huge negative point is where its’ placed; on the rear of handset. Right next to camera lenses. Which means that user will always be smudging camera lenses.

As far Apple’s iPhone 8 is concerned, its’ in rumors that Apple and its Partners have solved the issue of placing the Fingerprint sensor on the display. If this is true then this will be the biggest achievement anf on of its kind product in market.

Wireless Charging:

Apple this time wants its iPhone 8 to have this unique feature of wireless charging. Phone charges without placing it on matt. Samsung Galaxy S8 uses inductive technology of charging. If iPhone 8 adopts this wireless charging technology then this simply means that Apple will be the world leader of smartphone technology.

Augmented Reality:

Apple to focus on augmented reality, whereas Samsung focus on virtual reality. This will help Apple to set apart from other VR smartphone. For those who want less intrusive gaming experience this alternative will be best.

Apple is still doubtful about its AR compatibility. No, particular headset specific app is required, and the tech pretty much the same across platforms too. So, what it will have to do to make this win for the iPhone 8. Is offer something different with AR, something that will/can’t be copied across to the Galaxy S8.

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