Wireless charging “Standard feature” in next iPhone- says Powermat CEO

Apples’ new rumored phone to add “wireless charging” feature. The news was considered to be rumor until Powermat; a prominent wireless technology company’s CEO Elad Dubzinski made a comment in an unofficial news release.

“With the recent announcement by Apple that wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we are finally at the threshold of mainstream adoption,” said Mr. Dubzinski.

Powermat CEO called wireless technology a “mainstream” for future rather than being specific about iPhone 8. He made this statement on bases of rumors and predictions about Apples’ plan to include wireless charging feature in upcoming iPhone 8. This simply means that Powermat CEO doesn’t know what Apple approach is regarding wireless technology.
Apple is expected to have major redesigned bezel and wireless charging feature in an upcoming flagship phone iPhone 8. In one of the reports regarding iPhone 8, it was predicted that Apple will not include charger in a box with iPhone 8.

One of the analyst from KGI security predicted that Apples’ upcoming three phones’ namely, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 will apparently support wireless charging features.

Apple has already became part of Consortium behind Qi charging has fueled the rumors about upcoming wireless charging feature. Apple is already using Qi charger with Apple Watch, but company nipped the standard enough to make it irreconcilable with other Qi chargers in market.

Analyst JPMorgan has claimed that Apple is working with Broadcom on wireless charging feaure support for new iPhone 8. JPMorgan also added in his research report that with this advance wireless charging feature, it has experienced that feature may not ship until next year.

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