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iPhone 8 most hated leaked design

Apple this year is rumor to release two “S” phone namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and one signature 10th anniversary phone. Everything regarding the release of these three phone is up in the air, nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Release date of iPhone 8 is still not confirmed yet and it is expected to be announced in June. Some rumors are surrounding that iPhone 8 will be delayed till next year, due to technical issues.

Recently few schematics have been leaked and they are more or less same other than one critical feature. That critical feature is Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Its’ expected that Apple will opt for the safest approach that almost everyone hates; having fingerprint Touch ID at the back of the phone.

Apple wants to integrate TouchID with the layers of the OLED display screen. Its reported that Apple is not ready yet to give such phone this year. Hong Kong based equity research firm CLSA wrote in a note to investors seen by MacRumors that Apple may end up placing the sensor on the back of the handset instead.

“iPhone to ditch fingerprint sensor? We don’t think so,” CLSA analysts Sebastian Hou and Brian Chen wrote. “Both Samsung and Apple tried to enable in-display fingerprint sensing on full-screen OLED phones in 2017, but their optical tech seems immature and the major iPhone 8 bottleneck.”

The note continued, “Some thus speculate the fingerprint sensor will be removed and replaced by 3D sensing. Our latest supply chain checks indicate the iPhone 8 will still have the sensor given security, user-friendliness, and a need for payments infrastructure, but there is a high chance it will be on the back like Samsung’s Galaxy S8.”

The firm believes that Apple will feature advanced 3D face recognition system on the front and use all-screen design for the iPhone 8. There is vertical dual lenses camera on the back. The firm drew a diagram is based on one of the diagrams that hit the web.

Its’ also expected that iPhone 8 release will not be delayed and no official announcement has veen made regarding Phone design.


Apple refuses iPhone payments to Qualcomm

Apples’ former business partner has now become its bitter opponent. Its’ none other than Qualcomm. Reason behind this rivalry is that Apple refused to pay royalties to chip maker Qualcomm for its some of the features in iPhone.

This rivalry has surly blown Qualcomm; depending upon license fee for a large portion of its revenue. Apples’ decision to hold back iPhone royalties will charge Qualcomm up to $500 million in the current quarter alone.

“This is getting ugly, the level of hostility just went up another notch,” said technology analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy. Moorhead added that “As a revenge Qualcomm will seek court orders to stop iPhone sale until Apple pay all the royalties”

Although till now Qualcomm hasn’t endangered to reach to that extreme level. Company’s top lawyer made it clear on Friday that the world’s most reputable technology company is girding for stern fight with its Cupertino, California based Apple.

“We will continue vigorously to defend our business model, and pursue our right to protect and receive fair value for our technological contributions to the industry,” said Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s general counsel.

The other side of the story; Apple admits that it has to pay some royalty over its iPhone sale to Qualcomm. The reason of not paying the royalty fee is; Apple believes that Qualcomm is mistreating its power to charge for royalties on features that aren’t cover by its patents.

Qualcomm has in return held Apple responsible for interfering in deals with iPhone suppliers and also breaking the contract to lower its license fee. After this blame, Apple sued Qualcomm in January 2017 in federal complaint. Qualcomm totally denied the allegations and responded with its own litigations against Apple this April.

Apples’ issued a statement saying, they will not pay any further royalty to Qualcomm until the court determines the amount to pay. This legal process my take several years.

“As we’ve said before, Qualcomm’s demands are unreasonable and they have been charging higher rates based on our innovation, not their own,” Apple said.

Apple’s suspension of royalty payments marks “the latest step in Apple’s global attack on Qualcomm,” said Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s general counsel.

Apple is not alone in this battle with Qualcomm. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also has filed a litigation charging that Qualcomm has been imposing unfair licensing terms on manufacturers. With the loss of iPhone royalty payments, Qualcomm now expects its revenue for its April-June quarter to range from $4.8 billion and $5.6 billion, down from its previous forecast of $5.3 billion to $6.1 billion.

Qualcomm now expects its earnings for the period to range from 75 to 85 cents per share. That’s down from an earlier projection of 90 cents to $1.15 per share. Investors shook off the shock of Qualcomm’s lowered guidance after initially driving down the company’s stock. Its stock rose 53 cents, or 1 percent, to $53.74 on Friday. The stock has fallen by about 15 percent since Apple filed its litigation.

iPhone 8 will be better than Galaxy S8

With superior design, amazing display and smart features, Samsung Galaxy S8 has gained huge popularity in tech world. Despite of many experiments showing Galaxy S8 is slower that iPhone 7, people are still hailing about its breakthrough barriers.

The question here is will Samsung Galaxy S8 will be able to maintain its glory after the launch of iPhone 8? May be the 10th anniversary phone tip the scales?

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus (so called larger phone) are undoubtedly ruling the smart phone industry now a days. Apple will definitely come up with something more exciting this year, as 2017 is marked as Apple’s 10th anniversary.

Its’ still not known what is cooking up in Apples’ pot.  Apple don’t like to reveal its handsets’ information before time. There are so much leaked information that are roaming around in industry are all through Apples’ suppliers and partners. It will be one of the formidable phone with smart design and bezel less body. Design of upcoming iPhone seems to be as smart as Samsung Galaxy S8.

As far as Apple’s upcoming phone release date is concerned, it will launch in September. Rumors says it will release in October or November. If we believe the rumors then Apple has surely fair amount of time to release smart phone that can beat Galaxy S8.

Although Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is still ruling the industry but here are few points on which its predicted that iPhone 8 could beat Galaxy S8


Galaxy S8 camera is nothing more than what Samsung released last year. Even camera of Apple’s iPhone 7 plus beats Galaxy S8 in dual sensor setup. Which means that iPhone 8 camera will defiantly be the best as compared to Galaxy S8, in terms of photos and videos. iPhone 8 will also provide best optical image stabilization on rear camera and megapixels. Its’ expected to have superior and high quality zoom.

Battery Life:

Battery technology have always been issue with Samsung. This year, Samsung chose not to leave final testing to partners, instead it took new radical approach of testing. This means that Galaxy S8 has lower capacity batteries as expected. The performance of battery is overall superior due to better software management.

Whereas, Apple want to build upon excellent battery performance of iPhone 8. Apple is working on producing exclusive battery that can live beyond 12 hours.

Fingerprint Sensor:

Fingerprint Sensor is one of the dominating feature in Galaxy S8. One huge negative point is where its’ placed; on the rear of handset. Right next to camera lenses. Which means that user will always be smudging camera lenses.

As far Apple’s iPhone 8 is concerned, its’ in rumors that Apple and its Partners have solved the issue of placing the Fingerprint sensor on the display. If this is true then this will be the biggest achievement anf on of its kind product in market.

Wireless Charging:

Apple this time wants its iPhone 8 to have this unique feature of wireless charging. Phone charges without placing it on matt. Samsung Galaxy S8 uses inductive technology of charging. If iPhone 8 adopts this wireless charging technology then this simply means that Apple will be the world leader of smartphone technology.

Augmented Reality:

Apple to focus on augmented reality, whereas Samsung focus on virtual reality. This will help Apple to set apart from other VR smartphone. For those who want less intrusive gaming experience this alternative will be best.

Apple is still doubtful about its AR compatibility. No, particular headset specific app is required, and the tech pretty much the same across platforms too. So, what it will have to do to make this win for the iPhone 8. Is offer something different with AR, something that will/can’t be copied across to the Galaxy S8.

How the technology behind Apple’s Touch ID will likely change with ‘iPhone 8’

Till now we have heard a lot about iPhone 8 new technology shift, but fewer know how it works. Although technology shift is not new in tech world but real question arises about changes and working. Apples’ OLED screen is one such example. We can say that it’s a game changer not only for battery life but for related technologies.

Since iPhone 5s, Apple has gained huge success with best in build finger print reader, unless it is moved back to the phone. This technology is need to be changed. Touch ID is developed by AuthenTec, it senses the presence of finger with a detection ring which switches on the sensor when it detects a digit. The sensor itself is clad in a thin sapphire crystal, and uses a complementary metal oxide semiconductor capacitive touch sensor to detect the fingerprint’s whorls and ridges with 500 pixels per inch resolution.

The captured fingerprint is then passed to the Secure Enclave and compared to stored data local to the phone. Should the mathematical models match, the phone is unlocked. There are two major revisions of Touch ID, with the only real difference being sensing speed in more recent version on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 families.

The problem is difference between the thickness of sapphire lenses and sensor. Sapphire lenses is not that much thicker whereas, the sensor thickness is 170 macrons.  While an OLED screen assembly is thinner than that of a comparative LCD display, the glass cover is about the same thickness between the technologies. At just less than 1 millimeter thick, the screen glass is over five times the thickness of the sapphire lens on the existing Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 7.

With fingerprint sensors used in Touch ID, as separation between the contact surface where a user places their finger and the capacitive sensing array increases, there is a corresponding blurring of the finger’s electric field captured by the Touch ID sensor. In the existing Touch ID implementation, the lens is sufficiently thin that any distortion, or aberration, is minimal.

When a sensor is placed behind a thicker lens, in the case of the “iPhone 8,” behind the screen glass itself, the inevitable blurring without some form of correction can lead to degraded fingerprint image resolutions and decreased recognition accuracy.

There are reports suggesting that Touch ID is what may hold up the shipment of the “iPhone 8,” but not the reveal. There are more claiming that the sensor may get relocated to the back of the device, but given the flak that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is taking for having done so, that may not be the case either.

The road to Touch ID and a virtual home button under a front screen glass was paved with the solid state button on the iPhone 7 . The technology is crucial to Apple’s services, as it is a key underpinning of Apple Pay to say nothing of crypto logical protection of a user’s data living on the phone.

Cook and company don’t ship a product until they feel that what they’ve developed is the best that they can make it, for the widest user base, and as safe as possible. However Touch ID develops on the “iPhone 8” in the next few months for the final shipping version will not deviate from that, perhaps at the expense of not shipping in 2017 at all.

Everything we all know so far about iPhone 8.

Up till now no one has competed the hype train surrounding the imminent release of iPhone 8. Although Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung galaxy S8 Plus have dominated the tech world till there release but iPhone 8 excitement is impeccable.

Recent updates regarding release of iPhone 8 has derailed the hype by suggesting that it won’t be 10th anniversary phone. Well another rumor, which one cannot rely on. Profuse information has been leaked regarding iPhone 8. Its official specification announcement has yet to be made. No written document or sheet has been shown to prove the rumors to be true. Key details have been made clear by tech analysts and industry’s top predictors.

Here is the list of some key features based on market rumors

Specs iPhone 8 Specs Details
Build material All-glass design with metallic or stainless steel chassis, IP67 water-resistant The all-glass design of the iPhone 8 will feature either a metallic or stainless chassis
Dimensions Smaller than iPhone 7 Plus The bezel-less design will make the iPhone 8 smaller than iPhone 7 Plus despite coming with a larger display
Weight Unknown
Display 5.8-inch OLED, Function Area, Curved cover glass Since the OLED iPhone is not going to feature a physical home button, Apple will instead be debuting a ‘Function Area’ on the display that will house the virtual home button
Speakers Stereo speaker setup
Chip A11 Fusion Chip The chip will be based on TSMC’s 10nm LPE fabrication process thereby making it more power efficient
GPU Custom PowerVR GPU
Storage 64GB, 256GB Rumors point to Apple replacing the base 32GB storage variant with 64GB, though it’s unclear for now if the decision is final
Camera Front:
Revolutionary 3D selfie camera The 3D selfie camera will be used to offer iris or facial scanning on the iPhone 8
Dual Camera Setup The iPhone 8 is expected to retain its dual camera setup with OIS on both modules. The setup will also be rearranged vertically for better performance and reduce the bump at the rear
AR features Apple is rumored to integrate some AR features into the camera app of the iPhone 8
Sensors Touch ID (Embedded into the display or at the rear) If Apple has its way, the Touch ID scanner will be embedded into the display of the iPhone 8. If not, it will be located at the rear
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Iris/Facial Scanner Apple is expected to use a revolutionary 3D selfie camera to offer iris/facial scanning feature on the iPhone 8
Connectivity Nano SIM slot
Lightning Connector
LTE Apple should use a faster LTE modem on the iPhone 8, though unlike the Galaxy S8, its unclear if the company will use a Gigabit modem
NFC (For Apple Pay)
Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac with MIMO
Bluetooth 5
Battery Unknown
Fast charging support via USB-Power Delivery The next iPhone 8 charger is expected to use USB-C connector at one end, with Lightning on the other
Wireless charging It is all but certain that the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging, it remains to be seen if the company’s implementation will work with other existing Qi wireless chargers in the market


Key features like OLED display, Wireless Charging and Fingerprint TouchID are all known features. Yet analysts and market researchers are concluding how fast and better the phone will be as compared to Apples’ previous products.

iPhone sale remain flat in first quarter: Report by IDC

IDC (International Data Center) compiled report of first quarter is out today. The report shows Apples’ iPhone sale remain flat even after the launch of new iPhone RED, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. Apples’ market remain stable while rest of the market grew 4.3% in first quarter.

“Apple remained essentially flat with shipments reaching 51.6 million units in the first quarter, up slightly from the 51.2 million shipped last year. The strong holiday fourth quarter carried into the month of January as the larger iPhone 7 Plus returned to stock across most channels in numerous regions. Apple introduced a refreshed iPhone SE with more storage capacity (32GB and 128GB) that puts the mid-tier device in line with the rest of the iPhone portfolio. The Cupertino-based giant also refreshed its flagship smartphone by bringing (Product) Red over to the iPhone which paints both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in a new red finish. Finally, rumors of a special edition 10th anniversary iPhone continue to grow as a pending new design, screen size, and performance upgrades all look to be in the works for the fall.”

In March 2017, Apple introduces its three products, iPhone RED, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Its’ unclear by IDC that how many units were produced and how many units were sold during the first quarter. Apple also announced refreshed iPhone SE with more storage option. All products went on sale on March 24, 2017. This year Apple shipped around 51.6 million iPhone during first quarter, slightly higher than last year; 51.2 million units.
Samsung maintained its top position and during the quarter with 79.2 million units sold. Whereas, Huawei number three, Oppo number four and Vivo on number five.

Apple hasn’t officially revealed its sales report. It is expected that Apple will reveal its report on May 2, the date scheduled for its fiscal Q2 2017. Apple is providing guidance of between $51.5 billion and $53.5 billion for revenue following a holiday quarter, where it reported $78.4 billion in revenue and sold 78.3 million iPhones, 13 million iPads, and 5.3 million Macs.

Tapping control center with three fingers will freeze your iPhone

If you are planning to tap the control center of your phone simultaneously then your iPhone is in trouble. It will get freeze, so just dot do it.

Bugs are always bad for any software, either they are small annoyance or downright dangerous. Recently in IOS 10.3.1 a very hard to reproduce bug was found. Bug freezes the iPhone.

On April 24, an Italian website broke the story based on YouTube video demonstrating about bug. The reproducible bug freezes the iPhone for few seconds and then comes back to normal. The bug itself is harmless and only triggers when user simultaneously press three fingers on three different control centers. The bug works on IOS 10.2 and above updates till IOS 10.3.2 and beta 4.

The freeze happen under different conditions. Different users have experienced different situations. Some says they pressed AirPlay, NightShift and Camera. AirPlay, NightShift and Calculator or AirPlay, NightSift and Timer. It freezes for few seconds and then get back to normal. It may also reload the system. If the system reloads then user don’t have to enter the password of their iPhone rather use TouchID.

User need to make sure how to fix the frozen phone if it doesn’t respire. If this happens then simply hard reset the device by holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, and your iPhone will be good as new.
If you want to avoid this bug altogether, enabling “Zoom” toggle in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Zoom prevents the freeze-up from happening. This is because the Zoom feature relies on a three-finger double-tap gesture, which apparently supersedes the bug since iOS is now paying attention to three-finger taps.


The bug affected all models of iPhone 5s and onwards. Some users experienced in their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, while some on iPhone 7s and iPhone SE. Apple did not know about the bug before and it is expected to fix the bug in upcoming release.

Wireless charging “Standard feature” in next iPhone- says Powermat CEO

Apples’ new rumored phone to add “wireless charging” feature. The news was considered to be rumor until Powermat; a prominent wireless technology company’s CEO Elad Dubzinski made a comment in an unofficial news release.

“With the recent announcement by Apple that wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we are finally at the threshold of mainstream adoption,” said Mr. Dubzinski.

Powermat CEO called wireless technology a “mainstream” for future rather than being specific about iPhone 8. He made this statement on bases of rumors and predictions about Apples’ plan to include wireless charging feature in upcoming iPhone 8. This simply means that Powermat CEO doesn’t know what Apple approach is regarding wireless technology.
Apple is expected to have major redesigned bezel and wireless charging feature in an upcoming flagship phone iPhone 8. In one of the reports regarding iPhone 8, it was predicted that Apple will not include charger in a box with iPhone 8.

One of the analyst from KGI security predicted that Apples’ upcoming three phones’ namely, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 will apparently support wireless charging features.

Apple has already became part of Consortium behind Qi charging has fueled the rumors about upcoming wireless charging feature. Apple is already using Qi charger with Apple Watch, but company nipped the standard enough to make it irreconcilable with other Qi chargers in market.

Analyst JPMorgan has claimed that Apple is working with Broadcom on wireless charging feaure support for new iPhone 8. JPMorgan also added in his research report that with this advance wireless charging feature, it has experienced that feature may not ship until next year.

iPhone 8: Dummy leaked without touch ID

New news in rumor mill of iPhone 8? Yes! And this time it’s a leaky dummy model of iPhone 8. The known analyst Benjamin Geskin has leaked the dummy of most awaited phone without having most anticipated feature.

The dummy phone has no Touch ID. According to Benjamin, the phone is dummy model of iPhone 8 with 2.5 D glass and steel design. Geskin posted the photos of dummy model and apparently the specifications came from Faxconn, iPhone manufacturer.

The dummy model has no home button on front and back and has edge-to-edge display. These features are in line to what we were listening for many days. The dummy model has polished stainless steel frame, which makes it look like original iPhone 8. Though Apple logo is missing. Dummy model looks so glossy that Geskin calls the color of phone as “Space Black”.

Image result for iPhone 8 Dummy Leaked Without Touch ID

Gaskin added that the thickness of model is 7.1 mm , approximately the size of iPhone 7. The vertically aligned camera shown in picture is same like it was rumored, but one cannot predict either it’s a 3D camera rendering mix realities or it’s just another rumor. On the sides of phone one can easily spot separate volume buttons and mute switch. The right side of the phone has power button and sim tray. Noticeably power button is little bigger than in previous iPhone models.

Lack of Touch ID shows that company might think of embedding fingerprint scanner right beneath the display. Its’ not clear yet what company decides regarding iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor.

Apple has been revealing three iPhone’s this year, one of them is flagship phone with smart features like OLED display, 3D camera, mix realities etc. rest of two will be marginal up gradation of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.  The third model comprises of stainless steel bezel and curved screen at front and back of phone.

Till now Apple hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors and this means that leaked dummy model is like a pinch of a salt.

Snapchat Augmented Reality lenses camera now works on iPhone rear camera

Snapchats’ latest update for iPhone users let them use augmented reality lenses with rear camera. Lenses feature in iPhone was introduced in September 2014, with latest update in IOS software the feature has gone a lot better.

With augmented reality and advance face detection feature users can add real time effects in snaps. Before the update in IOS, lenses were only available via front facing camera.

“Today, we’re adding new ways to use Lenses,” said Snapchat. “While Snapping with the rear-facing camera, simply tap the camera screen to find new Lenses that can paint the world around you with new 3D experiences”.

The video is the overview of new Snapchat feature.

To use the rear camera feature, open Snapchat to the camera screen and tap new button on the Top-right corner to switch between selfie and rear camera. Tap on any surface and select different lenses appear on screen bottom.

Just swipe over to the World Lens you want to use and tap it to switch between different options.

You can also drag a Lens to move it around or pinch your fingers in and out to change its size.

Keep in mind that Text Lenses are currently available in a few specific places but the company has promised to launch them in other other areas soon.

The ability to apply different Lens effects via the rear-facing iSight camera requires Snapchat version 10.6.2, which can be downloaded at no charge from App Store.