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Alloc8: iPhone new Bootrom released

The release of Alloc8 Bootrom has bought more freedom to the iPhone 3GS users than ever before.  This feature has handed the users complete control over the device. It was released quite late as by the time it was released, iPhone 3GS has become history and very few were actively using it. It has not been released publically except Limera1a, which only give supports up to iPhone 4. The late release shows that Apple`s legendary iPhone3GS hardware is capable of jailbreak in an untethered way.

The original version of iPhone 3GS had a vulnerability in its Bootrom. This vulnerability was browbeaten by 24Kpwn because of its low level nature. Alloc8 is released by developer axi0mx via GitHub project and all necessary information and links are mentioned on GitHub website. The developer says, “It’s not a typical heap bug, bug in implementation of heap itself”.

Alloc8 will now give complete power to user for upgrading, downgrading, untethered jail breaking and installing of custom firmware. The great part of this new release is that no software or firmware update is needed to patch it with the Bootrom, only an update is required. This seems incredibly valuable for developers and Apple itself. Initially 24Kpwn was worry for Apple as they released a refresh of iPhone3GS in the mid of their release cycle with new Bootrom.

Alloc8 works on both old and new Bootrom. It exploits the powerful vulnerability in Malloc function implemented in Bootrom. Alloc8 is implemented in IPWNEDFU jail break tool. This tool works on command line only. Apple has rare hardware level exploits and most of the exploits are based on the userland exploits. Apple will face difficulty in patching Alloc8 IPWNEDUF, because they are hardware level patches. They can only be implemented if Apple changes the hardware.

Still this announcement cheers up all the Apple lovers and especially those who are still using iPhone3GS. This late update may not be of worth in this modern smart phone world but still can’t be ignored as it is made on Bootrom (Hardware) level.

IPhone 8 : New “Wireless” features expected to introduce to support VR/AR.

Long rumored news about the addition of smart connectivity of wireless charging in iPhone 8 has reportedly become a reality. This claim has been made by Israeli site The Verifier. The smart connector will also assist the exclusive synced features of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). So far Apple hasn’t played any significant part in VR/AR but still the company is enthusiastic about Augmented Reality, claiming that the technology will be as impactful as the smart phone.

This isn’t the first time Apple has introduced the smart connectors, currently IPad Pro Model supports the smart connector. It has a port designed to provide data connection and power to all the accessories. Back in 2015, magnetic smart connector was introduced to IPad Pro but it is not known how much data has actually passed through the port. Apple has recently joined Wireless Power Consortium, consisting of 214 companies to promote g wireless connectivity under “Qi” standard.

Prior to the release of IPhone 7 plus an apparent image of its features was cropped and it showed the presence of smart connector placed at the back of the phone. Despite the amazing design and dual camera, smart connector remained working only with iPad connection.

As some say the magnetic strength on smart connector is not ideal, but it’s worth stating that Apple used lighting mode effectively to connect AR/VR accessories to IPhone. Apple hardware TV and AIR Play will also play vital role in AR/VR technology in IPhone 8.

After reading the “THE VERIFY” report, it’s safe to bet that IPhone will add the wireless charging feature to its new phone. Indeed, a number of reliable sources have validated this rumor over the past few months. In addition to this new feature IPhone will also feature edge-to-edge OLED display, waterproof features and duel camera on back. It is expected that new IPhone 8 may resemble Samsung Galaxy S8 as it does not feature home button.

Apple iPhone 8 release may delay

Hold your enthusiasm for some time as the release of new iPhone 8 is delayed for a week. Yes its true, according to Chinese language Economic Daily News, the delay may prolong to October or November due to some technical issues in Next-Gen Phone.

iPhone reportedly to release in September following the typical release structure, has now facing the delay in release due to its problematic 3D camera and new curved screen. Apple to release many products this year alongside iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus. This time the launch was marked to be on the tenth anniversary of Apple.

iPhone 8 delay caused by new OLED panels

According to credible sources the delay is caused due to lamination of curved OLED panel. The feature resembles the Samsung Galaxy S8 curved edges that eliminate the bezel. Since Samsung is using the same feature for a long time and resolved all the issues faced. Reports also suggest that Apple has assimilated 70 million OLED panels. This is the first time iPhone has added the feature of curved screen and it seems quite challenging in implementation. While Cupertino based firm is also expected to release its first ever curved screen iPhone this year. This seems more challenging for the Big Tech Giants to reschedule their release date.

iPhone 8 delay caused by 3D sensing feature

3-D sensing system feature is also adding to the delay. 3-D sensing feature will revolutionize the way user interacts with the device. It will provide extra security to the device by scanning the face and will also secure the payments made through Apple Pay.

Surprisingly new iPhone 8 will be cheaper, report says. The large order of premium screens would suggest Apple expects its most expensive phone to fly off the shelves. Future is bright for iPhone 8, says some financial analyst. Apple supply chain quotes that it’s a Strong Belief that iPhone 8 will be delayed by several weeks and will appear in December Holidays. Future is bright for iPhone 8, says some financial analyst.

Can’t see watchOS 3 for download on my Apple Watch? Try this fix

Apple officially released the new iOS 10 along with watchOS 3 update for Apple Watch but a lot of people have been facing the issue that they can’t see the new download on their Apple Watch to update to the new watchOS 3? Well – we have a fix!

Fix for watchOS 3 download

The thing is that if you have previously been using beta software, try deleting the beta profile (on each device, if installed on both) and then restarting both devices. That should fix the issue.

The new watchOS 3 comes with exciting new features:

  • Thanks to watchOS3, users can easily and smoothly switch among the new watch faces with edge gestures from either side of the display panel.
  • Thus far, some first-party apps, like Music, Home and Find My Friends already have their own watchOS 3 complication.
  • Users will also notice the addition of new weather complication that would come in handy with the temperature complication.
  • Additionally, watchOS 3 offers a new dock to house all of the recently used apps and user favorites for faster access.
  • Other new features that watchOS 3 brings with it include the long-rumored Breathe app and the enhanced Reminders, Find My Friends and Heart Rate apps.
  • The new Apple Watch operating system also comes with handwriting recognition support, so users can send texts by just writing on the screen of their timepiece.

Before downloading and installing the watchOS 3, users must ensure first that their paired iPhone device should already be running iOS 10. When the new mobile OS for the Apple smartphone is installed, users can download watchOS 3 by clicking on Software Update under the General settings.

App Store 2.0 is coming with subscription and search result ads


There’s a big change coming to the iPhone and it’s the new App Store 2.0!

In a rare interview with Verge, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, gave a sneak preview into the new developer-friendly features coming to the iPhone soon that will be revealed at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference set to take place from June 13-17 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

New subscription model

According to Phil, a new revenue sharing model will be introduced according to which Apple will reduce its cut by 15% for developers who have been able to maintain subscriptions with a customer for more than a year. This means that as a developer, you will be able to generate 85% of the revenue generated through the App Store through customers who have subscribed for more than a year. Also, Apple will open up its subscription model to all categories including games.

Search result ads

The other big change to the App Store is that it will allow developers to pay to show ads for search results. According to Phil, “We’ve thought about how to carefully do it in a way that, first and foremost, customers will be happy with…[and that it is] fair to developers, and fair for indie developers, too.”

Its hard to say what kind of an impact search result ads will have on the App Store but we already have a feeling that the move won’t be very welcome by new app developers who rely on organic marketing to have their app discovered and don’t have big budgets to spend on advertising.

However, the new subscription and revenue sharing model is definitely a good news for all the developers out there and definitely for those who aim to create long-term business model for their apps since mostly consumers have reached a saturation point when it comes to apps.

Apple has already begun to speed up app review times for most apps to the point where 50 percent of submitted apps are now reviewed in 24 hours, and 90 percent are reviewed within 48 hours.

We’re hoping to get more details about all of these new features at the Annual Worldwide Developers Conference in a few days!

Now its possible to run Android on iPhone

Always wanted to run Android on iPhone? Now there’s a case that’s let you do that. The case has been designed by Nick Lee who has a reputation of hacking around with Apple products and installing weird and whacky operating systems on these devices e.g. an Apple Watch running Windows 95.

This time around Nick has gone a step ahead and has actually used the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to create a custom version of Android Marshmallow that runs on an iPhone when attached through the lightening connector.

However, there’s a catch. To run Android on your iPhone, you will need to attach a special, 3D printed smartphone case to make it all work. The case contains the special circuitry such as the board, the battery, a boost converter and a resistor which makes the whole package look quite odd and bulky but what’s amazing about this case is that it gives your phone access to super ports such as HDMI, USB as well as a SD card slot.

As you can see in the YouTube video, the way it works is that you slip your phone in the custom designed case and fire up the Tendigi app on your iPhone and as soon as you see the “waiting for case…” prompt, you connect the lightning connector from the case to the iPhone and you will see Android running on your screen.

We have to say this is quite a sound implementation of Android on iPhone and one of the best that we have seen. Although we we have our doubts when it comes to practical application of such an implementation, we have to give Nick all the credit for thinking out of the box and going ahead and trying something as crazy as this and we hope that someone out there will come up with a use for this eventually.

Source: Tendigi