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Apple to launch three iPhone devices in 2017

Rumors are spreading in digital world that Apple is launching three iPhone devices this year including flagship iPhone 8. iPhone 7s is expected to be the improved version of iPhone 7. Whereas, iPhone 8 is loaded with new smart technologies.

iPhone 8 with smart technology like edge-to-edge OLED, 5.8 inch wide screen, virtual and segmented reality. No bezel would allow iPhone to fill up larger battery, similar to 4.7 inch iPhone 7. iPhone 8 is expected to contain 3D facial recognition technology.

Apple is said to launch its iPhone 8 on upcoming 10th anniversary, as a turning point in their innovation. There are lots of rumors spreading around in digital world about iPhone 8; technology used in it and about its release.

First rumor begin in November 2016, about iPhone7s and iPhone8, whereas the first hunch of iPhone7 was spread in November 2015. A rough sketch of iPhone 7 along with mockup was leaked in April 2016. The real design settled to be closer to early trickles.

Apple took strict measures to prevent leaks in 2017. Corporate secrets are slightly likely to leak rather than momentary one.

Although Apple hasn’t officially announced iPhone8, but they are expecting big sale this year. Apple is taking keen interest on future technologies and innovative usability experience for the users. iPhone 8 technology is no exception.

According to Tim Cook CEO of Apple, “The smartphone is for everyone, we don’t have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it’s for everyone. I think AR is that big, it’s huge,” Cook said. “I get excited because of the things that could be done that could improve a lot of lives. And be entertaining.”

He added that technologies comprising of impeccable augmented reality are way expensive, but a phone having all the same feature will not cost more the 1000$.

Apple has a market power to release a high end phone and command on price.

iPhone 8 design

iPhone 8 design leak reveals radical change

The new iPhone is likely to break all record of previous iPhone sales and is helping to restore faith in Apple’s ability to innovate but yet there is so much yet to reveal about iPhone 8 design and functionality.

Ming-Chi Kuo a well reputed Apple analyst came up with an exciting news about Apple iPhone 8. He answered to the concerns of people regarding next gen smart iPhone 8. Kuo wrote in a note that Apple iPhone 8 will be of same size as iPhone 7, but the display will be 5.15 inch functional space. Apple replaced the home button completely with the function area similar to the Touch pro in MacBook Pro line.

iPhone 8 design will be something different, yet familiar

iPhone 8 OLED will not be bezel-less. It will have an extremely thin bezel on side and top of device. It will have functional area at the bottom of the screen. However the usable screen size will be 5.15 inches. This is similar to screen size to the Samsung Glaxy S8 (screen size 5.8 inches and onscreen controls).

The use of latest “Biometic technology” which includes facial recognition and iris scanning are true contenders. Number of reports are aiming that Apple will incorporate 3D laser technology to achieve robust facial recognition system. Major issue of Touch ID has also reached end line.

Kuo claimed in a note that iPhone 8 battery life will be even better than iphone7 plus due stacked logic board design. Moreover, iPhone8 battery life is strengthened to go along with OLED display, which isa more powerful option then conventional LCD display currently embedded in all iPhone.

If Apple will be able to give great usability experience to its users then this will be the gambling point for all the smart phones. It will also break the ground of critics made by some industry analysts that Apple lacks innovation.

iPhone hacks that work with every iPhone

Do you know how powerful your iPhone is? How the handy hacks will make the iPhone cooler. These hacks are not about customizing the fancy background or playing games on your expensive phone. These are about making your iPhone a powerful device that you ever dreamed of.

These powerful iPhone hacks will make your phone handy and fun to use.

iPhone hacks that work with every iPhone

  1. Phone or a Etch-a-sketch

Love playing Etch-a-sketch, now you can play all the time on your IPhone. How amazing is this! Type a mistake and shake your phone, shaking will erase the mistake and let you start again. Fat figure peeps will love this secret.


  1. Browse at night with invert display colors

Don’t want to disturb your spouse or kids at night while browsing on phone? iPhone has best solution for you, just invert the IPhone display colors. It’s easier to the eyes and you can surf without disturbing others.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Turn off auto focus.

If the nagging little feature of auto focus gets in your way you can always turn it off. If you are a photographer you can always customize the settings. Go to camera and press hold it till you see “AE/AF lock”.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Swipe to see time stamp.

You want to know at what time you sent and received the text? It’s now an easy task. Just swipe left on the text screen and you will be able to see the time.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Inform Siri about your relationships.

Want to call your “Mom”, “Son” or “Husband”? Tell Siri to do it with one easy hack. Match the right contact and Siri will call that person straight away.

Ask Siri to call your “Mom” and Siri will respond who your mother is. Next time Siri will reach your mother straight away.

  1. Access numerical keypad super quickly.

secret iPhone hacksIf you are tired of using numerical keypad to type numbers, then this hack has solution to your problem. Just press 123 button and slide to the number you want to enter. IPhone will revert back to original keypad.

  1. Use Siri to check Twitter.

Ask Siri what “BBC” is saying and you will see all the recent posts. No need to open the twitter and check who is online.

  1. Finish URL without typing it.

Just press “.” the key will reveal suffixes like “.com”, “.net” etc

secret iPhone hacks