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Check iPhone battery percentage from Mac

Just one option + click trick you can help you check iPhone battery from your Mac even if the phone is not in the same room. Interesting, isn’t it!

iPhone and Mac has some amazing features waiting to be discovered. Apple only highlights the key features upon the release of new software, without touching the tiny things. One such tiny feature that Apple definitely didn’t talked about is that you can check the battery percentage of your iPhone directly from your MacOS.

With the help of little clean trick you can check the battery life of your phone without installing third party app/software and neither your phone needs to be connected to your computer. All you need is hold Option + Click from WiFi menu.

On your MacOS when you click on WiFi icon in the menu bar, you either turn on or off the WiFi, supports personal hotspot from your iPhone or any other cellular device, see all WiFi networks and access for more network preferences.

Once you click on more network preferences, you will see some more detailed information like IP addresses and other internet data. Under the option of personal Hotspot, you will be able to see your iPhone connection along with the battery indicator displaying rough estimation of life left in your iPhone. This option is available under WiFi icon for many years.

Wi-Fi menu with and without Option + Click

However, if you want to check the exact battery life of your iPhone you need to dig further. Now hover over your iPhone in a menu bar, a sub menu will appear. The sub menu shows the device unique identifier and exact battery percentage of your iPhone.

Seeing your iPhone's battery percentage by holding down Option while clicking the Wi-Fi icon, and then hovering over your iPhone in the Personal Hotspot section

The reason why Mac tells the exact life of battery is to keep you informed about when your hotspot source is dying. Another reason is to keep you up to date about battery life is either your phone still require charging or is fully charged.

There are several apps for keeping informed about the battery status of your iPhone using Apple Watch, MacOS and iPads.

There are some downsides of using this feature. You need to keep your WiFi and Bluetooth turned on all the time. If you are convenient in switching it on all the time then this feature will go along.