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How to track and manage iPhone data usage

Tracking iPhone data usage is always helpful in several ways. It helps you track how much data some of the installed applications are using. You may want to switch to one of the unlimited package plans or you want to cut down the excess fee.

There are several different ways to track your cellular data

  1. Tracking data usage in iOS settings

Images showing iOS settings, cellular settings and how much data each app has used


Apple gives detail view of cellular data usage and even shows how much data has been used by individual app within IOS settings

  • Tap on Settings in your phone
  • Tap on cellular

You can now view in detail the cellular usage of your mobile phone. Unfortunately resetting the usage cannot be done automatically. If a user wants to track the monthly usage they have to do it manually. In iOS, user can also turn off the usage of cellular data of each app to keep a record which app is using maximum data.

Image showing how to reset the cellular tracking period at the bottom of cellular settings

  1. Track and manage cellular data with your Carriers’ app:

Image showing iOS apps for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon

Most carriers offers iOS apps that allow to setup and receive notifications when users reach the data usage threshold. Most of the apps are user friendly but works differently. These apps gives user a generic view of their cellular data usage but still useful.

  1. Track and manage cellular data using Monitoring app:

Image of Traffic Monitor third-party app displaying detailed cellular data usage information

Traffic monitoring app is another free helpful app that allow user to monitor cellular data. Unlike iPhone cellular data setting, monitoring app allows user to reset the usage period that match users billing cycle. If user feels that certain app is using more data than using this app, users can set customize data usage alerts.

  1. Reduce cellular data use by managing Location Services:

Image showing how to navigate to location services in iOS settings

Location service in iOS is a great help in reducing the usage of cellular data. Here you can find the location service in iPhone.

  • Tap on Settings
  • Swipe down and tap on Privacy
  • Tap on Location Services

When user opens the location app, he/she will be able to view and change location services honored for each one. At bottom of location service settings user will be able to find some details about different location service icons.

Image showing the different ways apps may ask for privileges

Each app will have different options for location service. The apps with the option Always and Never are useful in monitoring cellular data usage. If user set the option Always, the app will defiantly use more data as its working in the background all the time.
5.        Reduce cellular data usage with app refresh settings
Using background app refresh and other phone features activity also helps user to reduce cellular data.  However, user can also turn on and off individual apps to refresh when they are not in use.

  1. Find and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap Background App Refresh

Un-toggle each application to turn off each application refresh in the background or user can turn off all background app refresh activity at the top of menu.