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iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 Plus

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 Plus – And the winner is?

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 – Who do you think would win this battle? Samsung Galaxy S8 may have pushed smart phone technology but iPhone 7 is has paved its way to be on top of the list. iPhone 7 is said to be an enterprise phone that every business person loves to have. No matter how innovative android technology is but iPhone 7 has its own charm.

Although for the first time Apple’s iPhone feel off from its position but its predicted to gain back its top spot with the release of iPhone 8.

There are several reasons why iPhone 7 is better option the Samsung Galaxy S8.

  1. Operating System Updates.

Samsung is efficient in releasing timely monthly software updates. For past some time users of Samsung Galaxy S7 were facing difficulty in getting regular updates, even till the time Galaxy S8 was available in market for pre-booking. Even possessing diversified technology, Samsung didn’t beat Apple in delivering regular updates. Apple knows how to facilitate users and that’s why its users get immediate updates as soon as they purchase the phone.

  1. Dual Camera

Smart phone are coming with dual rear camera with different emphasis.  Unfortunately, Samsung lags in this area. Even Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has some limitations. It is able to provide bokeh with single lens. Whereas, iPhone 7 Plus camera features are more enhanced then Samsung Galaxy S8. It provider optical zoom and portrait mode for bokeh images.

  1. Responsive performance

With high capacity RAM and Qualcomm processor, Samsung is unable to beat its competitor. Responsive time and performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 is low as compare to iPhone 7. Apple’s A10 processor only operates on two cores at one time but when combined with IOS it flies.

  1. 3-D Touch.

3-D touch in Samsung comes with limited generic features. It also focus more on hold and press function. While Apple’s 3-D touch performs number of speedy actions, helps improving productivity and efficiency.

  1. Local Support

Gadgets being the decisive tools for many users and they need to fix their problems immediately by taking them to the nearest service centers. Apple provides such facility to its customers, where you can take your handset to nearest support center and get your problem fixed on spot. Whereas, Samsung fails to deliver such facility to its customers. Even its valued customers purchase security plans, they will only get support on their issue via delivery services.

  1. Front Fingerprint Scanner

Apple’s fingerprint scanner is what everyone needs. Its’ quick and accurate, never let its user down. Samsung Galaxy S8 touchscreen is oddly placed in a center line and user gets target issues.

In near future, Apple will surely snatch the top spot from Samsung Galaxy S8 with improved and innovative technologies.

Clips app by Apple brings video editing to your iPhone

Apple launched new video making and editing app called Clips. The Clips app allow users to create short videos with upper limit of 60 sec and according to Apple this a fun filled app that allow user to shoot a video and let you share on social media. To make the video more exciting users can add animations, emoji, filters, overlays, texts and posters. The app provides  all new way to create and share fun filled videos online and share with your friends and family.

This app let users make videos with simple controls and there are no complicated features for video editing and posting. Users can make multi-clip videos there are no timelines, tracks, or complex editing features. Touch and hold button to create live videos, or add them from library.

Clips app

Apple has introduced one breakthrough feature “Live title”. Users can create funny animated captions and titles using their voices. Fun filled speech bubbles, comic book filters, shapes and animated posters brings out personality in the videos made through clips. It allow users to add animated captions and titles using their voices. Captions are generated straight away as user speaks. It allows user to translate his/her voice in to 36 other languages. User can manually correct the translation later.

Clips app by Apple makes thing fun and easy

Clips app

This app allow users to add sound tracks, combining together starting, middle and ending themes. If you want to add music in your video then Clip automatically adjust the music according to the length of the video.

Another feature of this app is smart suggestion using facial recognition. Facial recognition matches with people in IOS photos, and recommend to share video/clip with them. Clips supports number of online platforms like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viemo and Youtube.

Clips is free app available in Apple Store and requires IOS 10.3. It is compatible with iPhone 5s  on wards, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and next generation iPod touch.


Man Built iPhone for just $300

Scotty Allen, creator of Youtube channel, Strange Parts, professional hacker and programmer taken the challenge to develop its own iPhone. Allen worked in Google for 3 years. He lives part time in Shenzhen, China, city of muddled gadget market.  He spent weeks trudging in markets of Shenzhen and brought parts of iPhone in urge of building his own iPhone.

When Apple launched iPhone 6s, IHS predicted that total cost was roughly 236$ in parts. iPhone 6s launching price was $650 more than double of its parts price.

Allen’s venture started when someone told him that it’s easy to build your own phone. He took this as a challenge and started looking for parts in the market. He roughly estimated $1000 for total product but $300 was the final product cost.

Allen’s DYI project contains building of iPhone from scratch. The video contains some trickier content in assembling the parts. Video starts with basics, like purchasing parts, finding special laser machine and other useful machinery used in building of iPhone 6s.

Here is a video of Allen assembling all the parts of iPhone 6s.

Check iPhone battery percentage from Mac

Just one option + click trick you can help you check iPhone battery from your Mac even if the phone is not in the same room. Interesting, isn’t it!

iPhone and Mac has some amazing features waiting to be discovered. Apple only highlights the key features upon the release of new software, without touching the tiny things. One such tiny feature that Apple definitely didn’t talked about is that you can check the battery percentage of your iPhone directly from your MacOS.

With the help of little clean trick you can check the battery life of your phone without installing third party app/software and neither your phone needs to be connected to your computer. All you need is hold Option + Click from WiFi menu.

On your MacOS when you click on WiFi icon in the menu bar, you either turn on or off the WiFi, supports personal hotspot from your iPhone or any other cellular device, see all WiFi networks and access for more network preferences.

Once you click on more network preferences, you will see some more detailed information like IP addresses and other internet data. Under the option of personal Hotspot, you will be able to see your iPhone connection along with the battery indicator displaying rough estimation of life left in your iPhone. This option is available under WiFi icon for many years.

Wi-Fi menu with and without Option + Click

However, if you want to check the exact battery life of your iPhone you need to dig further. Now hover over your iPhone in a menu bar, a sub menu will appear. The sub menu shows the device unique identifier and exact battery percentage of your iPhone.

Seeing your iPhone's battery percentage by holding down Option while clicking the Wi-Fi icon, and then hovering over your iPhone in the Personal Hotspot section

The reason why Mac tells the exact life of battery is to keep you informed about when your hotspot source is dying. Another reason is to keep you up to date about battery life is either your phone still require charging or is fully charged.

There are several apps for keeping informed about the battery status of your iPhone using Apple Watch, MacOS and iPads.

There are some downsides of using this feature. You need to keep your WiFi and Bluetooth turned on all the time. If you are convenient in switching it on all the time then this feature will go along.

Custom Battery Power Management chip for iPhone

Apple is predicted to have developed its own power management chip by 2019. It has already been designing mobile chips for IOS since 2010. Apple may drop its long time supplier Dialog Semiconductor (16 year old) and start making its own custom made Silicon Chips.

This report was compiled by analyst Karsten Iltegn along with German investment bank Bankhaus Lampe. The report reveals strong evidences of Apple developing its own Power Management Chip and replace the old chip made by Dialog. According to the report Apple has already set up its design centers in Munich and California. Dialog single chip reduced the power consumption up to thirty percent.

“We hear from the industry that about 80 engineers at Apple are already working on a power-management integrated circuit with specific plans to employ it in the iPhone by as early as 2019,” reads the Karsten note.

Role of Power Management Chip is to manage voltage and charging across all the components. With long battery time Apple plans to invest more and replace the components with custom made designs. From iPhone 7 onwards, Apple started using two accelerometers, which help in improving power management. Earlier after the release of iPhone6s, Apple decided to use less chips on logic board to further cut down overall power consumption.

If Apple no longer need its component supplier, Dialog’s shares in trading world drop by 20%. Some analyst predicts that Apple is unlikely to cut off fully its relationship with its component makers. 80 engineers from Apple are still working on developing their own power management integrated circuit.

Apple has announced that its first ever wireless charging will arrive later in 2017, however, the company is also looking for house crafted inductive charger rather than completely relying on wireless technology.

Alloc8: iPhone new Bootrom released

The release of Alloc8 Bootrom has bought more freedom to the iPhone 3GS users than ever before.  This feature has handed the users complete control over the device. It was released quite late as by the time it was released, iPhone 3GS has become history and very few were actively using it. It has not been released publically except Limera1a, which only give supports up to iPhone 4. The late release shows that Apple`s legendary iPhone3GS hardware is capable of jailbreak in an untethered way.

The original version of iPhone 3GS had a vulnerability in its Bootrom. This vulnerability was browbeaten by 24Kpwn because of its low level nature. Alloc8 is released by developer axi0mx via GitHub project and all necessary information and links are mentioned on GitHub website. The developer says, “It’s not a typical heap bug, bug in implementation of heap itself”.

Alloc8 will now give complete power to user for upgrading, downgrading, untethered jail breaking and installing of custom firmware. The great part of this new release is that no software or firmware update is needed to patch it with the Bootrom, only an update is required. This seems incredibly valuable for developers and Apple itself. Initially 24Kpwn was worry for Apple as they released a refresh of iPhone3GS in the mid of their release cycle with new Bootrom.

Alloc8 works on both old and new Bootrom. It exploits the powerful vulnerability in Malloc function implemented in Bootrom. Alloc8 is implemented in IPWNEDFU jail break tool. This tool works on command line only. Apple has rare hardware level exploits and most of the exploits are based on the userland exploits. Apple will face difficulty in patching Alloc8 IPWNEDUF, because they are hardware level patches. They can only be implemented if Apple changes the hardware.

Still this announcement cheers up all the Apple lovers and especially those who are still using iPhone3GS. This late update may not be of worth in this modern smart phone world but still can’t be ignored as it is made on Bootrom (Hardware) level.

iPhone hacks that work with every iPhone

Do you know how powerful your iPhone is? How the handy hacks will make the iPhone cooler. These hacks are not about customizing the fancy background or playing games on your expensive phone. These are about making your iPhone a powerful device that you ever dreamed of.

These powerful iPhone hacks will make your phone handy and fun to use.

iPhone hacks that work with every iPhone

  1. Phone or a Etch-a-sketch

Love playing Etch-a-sketch, now you can play all the time on your IPhone. How amazing is this! Type a mistake and shake your phone, shaking will erase the mistake and let you start again. Fat figure peeps will love this secret.


  1. Browse at night with invert display colors

Don’t want to disturb your spouse or kids at night while browsing on phone? iPhone has best solution for you, just invert the IPhone display colors. It’s easier to the eyes and you can surf without disturbing others.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Turn off auto focus.

If the nagging little feature of auto focus gets in your way you can always turn it off. If you are a photographer you can always customize the settings. Go to camera and press hold it till you see “AE/AF lock”.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Swipe to see time stamp.

You want to know at what time you sent and received the text? It’s now an easy task. Just swipe left on the text screen and you will be able to see the time.

secret iPhone hacks

  1. Inform Siri about your relationships.

Want to call your “Mom”, “Son” or “Husband”? Tell Siri to do it with one easy hack. Match the right contact and Siri will call that person straight away.

Ask Siri to call your “Mom” and Siri will respond who your mother is. Next time Siri will reach your mother straight away.

  1. Access numerical keypad super quickly.

secret iPhone hacksIf you are tired of using numerical keypad to type numbers, then this hack has solution to your problem. Just press 123 button and slide to the number you want to enter. IPhone will revert back to original keypad.

  1. Use Siri to check Twitter.

Ask Siri what “BBC” is saying and you will see all the recent posts. No need to open the twitter and check who is online.

  1. Finish URL without typing it.

Just press “.” the key will reveal suffixes like “.com”, “.net” etc

secret iPhone hacks