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Clips app by Apple brings video editing to your iPhone

Apple launched new video making and editing app called Clips. The Clips app allow users to create short videos with upper limit of 60 sec and according to Apple this a fun filled app that allow user to shoot a video and let you share on social media. To make the video more exciting users can add animations, emoji, filters, overlays, texts and posters. The app provides  all new way to create and share fun filled videos online and share with your friends and family.

This app let users make videos with simple controls and there are no complicated features for video editing and posting. Users can make multi-clip videos there are no timelines, tracks, or complex editing features. Touch and hold button to create live videos, or add them from library.

Clips app

Apple has introduced one breakthrough feature “Live title”. Users can create funny animated captions and titles using their voices. Fun filled speech bubbles, comic book filters, shapes and animated posters brings out personality in the videos made through clips. It allow users to add animated captions and titles using their voices. Captions are generated straight away as user speaks. It allows user to translate his/her voice in to 36 other languages. User can manually correct the translation later.

Clips app by Apple makes thing fun and easy

Clips app

This app allow users to add sound tracks, combining together starting, middle and ending themes. If you want to add music in your video then Clip automatically adjust the music according to the length of the video.

Another feature of this app is smart suggestion using facial recognition. Facial recognition matches with people in IOS photos, and recommend to share video/clip with them. Clips supports number of online platforms like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viemo and Youtube.

Clips is free app available in Apple Store and requires IOS 10.3. It is compatible with iPhone 5s  on wards, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and next generation iPod touch.