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iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 Plus

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 Plus – And the winner is?

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 – Who do you think would win this battle? Samsung Galaxy S8 may have pushed smart phone technology but iPhone 7 is has paved its way to be on top of the list. iPhone 7 is said to be an enterprise phone that every business person loves to have. No matter how innovative android technology is but iPhone 7 has its own charm.

Although for the first time Apple’s iPhone feel off from its position but its predicted to gain back its top spot with the release of iPhone 8.

There are several reasons why iPhone 7 is better option the Samsung Galaxy S8.

  1. Operating System Updates.

Samsung is efficient in releasing timely monthly software updates. For past some time users of Samsung Galaxy S7 were facing difficulty in getting regular updates, even till the time Galaxy S8 was available in market for pre-booking. Even possessing diversified technology, Samsung didn’t beat Apple in delivering regular updates. Apple knows how to facilitate users and that’s why its users get immediate updates as soon as they purchase the phone.

  1. Dual Camera

Smart phone are coming with dual rear camera with different emphasis.  Unfortunately, Samsung lags in this area. Even Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has some limitations. It is able to provide bokeh with single lens. Whereas, iPhone 7 Plus camera features are more enhanced then Samsung Galaxy S8. It provider optical zoom and portrait mode for bokeh images.

  1. Responsive performance

With high capacity RAM and Qualcomm processor, Samsung is unable to beat its competitor. Responsive time and performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 is low as compare to iPhone 7. Apple’s A10 processor only operates on two cores at one time but when combined with IOS it flies.

  1. 3-D Touch.

3-D touch in Samsung comes with limited generic features. It also focus more on hold and press function. While Apple’s 3-D touch performs number of speedy actions, helps improving productivity and efficiency.

  1. Local Support

Gadgets being the decisive tools for many users and they need to fix their problems immediately by taking them to the nearest service centers. Apple provides such facility to its customers, where you can take your handset to nearest support center and get your problem fixed on spot. Whereas, Samsung fails to deliver such facility to its customers. Even its valued customers purchase security plans, they will only get support on their issue via delivery services.

  1. Front Fingerprint Scanner

Apple’s fingerprint scanner is what everyone needs. Its’ quick and accurate, never let its user down. Samsung Galaxy S8 touchscreen is oddly placed in a center line and user gets target issues.

In near future, Apple will surely snatch the top spot from Samsung Galaxy S8 with improved and innovative technologies.