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Man Built iPhone for just $300

Scotty Allen, creator of Youtube channel, Strange Parts, professional hacker and programmer taken the challenge to develop its own iPhone. Allen worked in Google for 3 years. He lives part time in Shenzhen, China, city of muddled gadget market.  He spent weeks trudging in markets of Shenzhen and brought parts of iPhone in urge of building his own iPhone.

When Apple launched iPhone 6s, IHS predicted that total cost was roughly 236$ in parts. iPhone 6s launching price was $650 more than double of its parts price.

Allen’s venture started when someone told him that it’s easy to build your own phone. He took this as a challenge and started looking for parts in the market. He roughly estimated $1000 for total product but $300 was the final product cost.

Allen’s DYI project contains building of iPhone from scratch. The video contains some trickier content in assembling the parts. Video starts with basics, like purchasing parts, finding special laser machine and other useful machinery used in building of iPhone 6s.

Here is a video of Allen assembling all the parts of iPhone 6s.